July 11,2013 Dayton Daily News Feature story in Life Section (Click thumbnail to read the story)

Dayton Daily News July 11th,2013 Feature story in Life Section


September 3,2011 FEATURED IN THE TLC REALITY TV SHOW "HIGH STAKES SWEEPERS" Watch it for the first time or watch it again,here's the FULL SHOW!


August 2011,ABC's GMA (Good Morning America) & their 20/20 evening news show. Both clips are shown below.


speaks about me(Ron),in the 4th paragraph "..who will stop at nothing"


The Power of Sweepstaking;The Contest Queen interviews our own administrator Ron Miller (click to listen)


"YOU CAN'T WIN IF YOU DON'T ENTER" by Carolyn Wilman,The Contest Queen


While Assisting Site Users to Win @ Sweepstakes,PowerSweepstaking.com Administrator Wins a Stunning Pepsi/Dub Publishing $50,000 Car (click to see the car)


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2014-08-07 Joystiq Deals We at POWERSWEEPSTAKING ENTERED –IF YOU HAVEN’T,DO SO BEFORE 9/14 (REFERRALS) PlayStation 4 Console Two Wireless Controllers Battlefield 4



2014-08-07 –Sunstar We at POWERSWEEPSTAKING ENTERED –IF YOU HAVEN’T,DO SO BEFORE 8/21 (*5x max REFERRALS) One Daily Prize Winner per Day of a $100 Target gift card

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Welcome to Powersweepstaking.com,

     I was featured in the TLC sweepstakes reality TV show "High Stakes Sweepers",originally airing on Sept. 3rd,2011 and since,has shown up on several Discovery Channel owned cable stations (i.e.,Discovery Fitness) through 2014. TLC was attempting to succeed with another 'Found Money" series,such as their hot 'Extreme Couponing',alas it never did make it past the pilot episode. In an effort to promote the show,the week before it originally aired,I appeared on ABC's Good Morning America (see the clip here):

     Discovery Channel's press release refers to me(Ron) in the 4th paragraph here:http://press.discovery.com/us/tlc/programs/high-stakes-sweepers/. I also appeared on ABC's 20/20 news show as well (here's that clip):

     Join us as we talk about the show &sweepstakes entry strategies in our PowerSweepestaking community on Facebook,follow me on Twitter @sweepstaking or friend me on Facebook.


TLC'S REALITY TV SHOW "HIGH STAKES SWEEPERS" Watch it for the first time or watch it again,HERE'S THE FULL SHOW!

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subscriber RonC in an email wrote...
To:Ron Subject:Status update
Hi Ron
Just wanted to update you on my power sweep(stak)ing progress.
Before I ever signed on for the full power sweep(stak)ing,I did read everything on your site,all the tips and instructions and did download and used the (FREE) low power to enter some sweeps.
I must commend you on the excellent program you have setup and manage on a daily basis. I can now do in minutes what it use to take me hours to do.What a time saver.
You have certainly given me a time saver with your program and I appreciate it very much...
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Ron C

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