July 11, 2013 Dayton Daily News Feature story in Life Section (Click thumbnail to read the story)

Dayton Daily News July 11th, 2013 Feature story in Life Section


September 3, 2011 FEATURED IN THE TLC REALITY TV SHOW "HIGH STAKES SWEEPERS" Watch it for the first time or watch it again, here's the FULL SHOW!


August 2011, ABC's GMA (Good Morning America) & their 20/20 evening news show. Both clips are shown below.


speaks about me(Ron), in the 4th paragraph "..who will stop at nothing"


The Power of Sweepstaking; The Contest Queen interviews our own administrator Ron Miller (click to listen)


"YOU CAN'T WIN IF YOU DON'T ENTER" by Carolyn Wilman, The Contest Queen


While Assisting Site Users to Win @ Sweepstakes, PowerSweepstaking.com Administrator Wins a Stunning Pepsi/Dub Publishing $50,000 Car (click to see the car)


Great Contests at these sites:

LeeLeeko Jewelry

Last Chance list of One Time Entry sweepstakes, ALL END TODAY February 20th

    Every sweeper new or old to the hobby, will profit from using all of the tools found throughout the Powersweepstaking.com web site, the most up to date database of sweepstakes including

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We don’t!

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    TODAY is February 20TH, Powersweepstaking presents a dozen different categories of sweepstakes (on the left margin), 1,307 sweepstakes to enter ALL UPDATED & CURRENT TODAY.

Privacy & Piracy Policy






(1) grand prize winner will be chosen to receive a 2 day/3 night pheasant hunt at Log Heaven Resort near Pierre, SD, for the winner and two friends (est. value of $4,000). The winner will also receive (1) CZ Wingshooter 12 Gauge ($1,000) courtesy of Pheasants Forever, (1) 2011 Honda 500cc Foreman ATV with ramps ($7,700), and (1) one-year supply of Loyall dog food ($600). Taxes, fees and transportation to South Dakota and Log Heaven Resort are not included.



Journey 2: The Mysterious Island Sweepstakes; Win a Trip for Two to Aqua Wellness Resort in Nicaragua!



A Jackson Hole Mountain Resort vacation for two (2) including round-trip airfare (US Domestic Excludes HI,AK), four (4) nights lodging and two (2) lift tickets for three (3) days



Cinemark ONE (1) GRAND PRIZE: $2,000 awarded in the form of a check to be used to purchase 2 roundtrip airline tickets to any location in the U.S., and $500 spending money also awarded in the form of a check



LADY FOOT LOCKER PERFECT LA GETAWAY SWEEPSTAKES – : a trip for two (2) people (Grand Prize winner and one (1) travel companion to Los Angeles, California



The prize is a 7 night Caribbean cruise for two (2). The approximate retail value of the prize package is $4,400.00, depending on exact itinerary.



– ronhazelton.com; Enter Sweepstakes to Win a Ryobi 18V Lithium Combo kit



ONE (1) GRAND PRIZE of a $200 Hastings Giftcard – goHastings



ONE (1) GRAND PRIZE: A prize pack containing various beauty products featured in the DWH 2012 Beauty Awards. Approximate retail value: $800.



Giveaway: Delta Fuse Faucet ($400 value!) | Gadgets & Technology | geekGLOSS



One winner will receive a Rebelution Signed Guitar valued at $150.



One winner will get a Audio Technica AT-LP120USB Professional USB Turntable worth approximately 299 dollars.



One randomly chosen winner will receive: 12-month subscription to Richard La Ruina’s Master Pick-up Artist program. Estimated value of prize: $840.00 Signed hardcover of The Natural by Richard La Ruina. Estimated value of prize: $24.99 Estimated value of bundle: $900 Three randomly selected winners will receive: 1. Ultimate Natural Game – 10 DVD set (value $197) 2. Lifestyle Seduction – 10 DVD set (value $297) 3. Inner Game – 6 DVD set (value $297) Estimated value of bundle: $800



Winners will receive clothing items from Dale of Norway – Norwegian knitwear. Win an authentic Norwegian sweater or Knitshell jacket from Dale of Norway. The sweaters and jackets come in a variety of styles; here’s a chance to win a sweater or jacket to fit your lifestyle!



HBO’s The Life and Times of Tim Win the second season of his "Life and Times"



Giveaway: A Hole in the Ground Owned by a Liar by Daniel Pyne | Luxury Reading



– Slant Magazine; win Beavis and Butt-Head: Volume 4 on DVD



iTwin USB Device – Starpulse.com



– One lucky winner will receive a $25 Barnes & Noble gift card and an autographed copy of any one of Laura’s previous books



PopCultureSpot.com Bobble Heads Giveaway; 1 Grand Prize and it includes the following: 15 Bobble Head Dolls including the Wiggling Hula Girl Doll and Chihuahua Bobble Head Doll. -10 Pop Culture Novelties including the Hanging Car Disco Ball and Hollywood Film Director’s Movie Slateboard Clapper



Win josephine drop hoop earrings






win an autographed copy of Graffiti6’s new album Colours + a Graffiti6 poster! | AlternativeAddiction.com



– Slant Magazine; win Three Outlaw Samurai on Blu-ray



Four winners will receive The Naked and Famous’ debut album "Passive Me, Aggressive You" on vinyl and as a bonus, win Tribes’ "We Were Children EP" on vinyl too! The release is a vinyl exclusive! | AlternativeAddiction.com



Giveaway: Schick Hydro Silk Razor (50 winners!) | Fashion & Beauty | chicGLOSS



– Slant Magazine; win The Human Centipede 2 (Full Sequence) on Blu-ray



win a sexy surprise from SpicyLegs.com



Digital Tour Bus; Us, From Outside CD & T-shirt Giveaway



– Slant Magazine win Tiny Furniture on Blu-ray



– win Mozart’s Sister on Blu-ray




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Welcome to Powersweepstaking.com,

     I was featured in the TLC sweepstakes reality TV show "High Stakes Sweepers", originally airing on Sept. 3rd, 2011 and since, has shown up on several Discovery Channel owned cable stations (i.e., Discovery Fitness) through 2014. TLC was attempting to succeed with another 'Found Money" series, such as their hot 'Extreme Couponing', alas it never did make it past the pilot episode. In an effort to promote the show, the week before it originally aired, I appeared on ABC's Good Morning America (see the clip here):

     Discovery Channel's press release refers to me(Ron) in the 4th paragraph here: http://press.discovery.com/us/tlc/programs/high-stakes-sweepers/.
I also appeared on ABC's 20/20 news show as well (here's that clip):

     Join us as we talk about the show & sweepstakes entry strategies in our PowerSweepestaking community on Facebook, follow me on Twitter @sweepstaking or friend me on Facebook.


TLC'S REALITY TV SHOW "HIGH STAKES SWEEPERS" Watch it for the first time or watch it again, HERE'S THE FULL SHOW!

     Every "High Stakes" sweeper new or old to the hobby, will profit from using all of the tools found throughout the Powersweepstaking web site. The most up to date database of sweepstakes including Sweepstakes with ONLY one day of entry (YOUR BEST ODDS TO WIN IMHO!!)

     A Powersweepstaking subscription is the most organized method of entry with one objective; YOU enter as many sweepstakes as possible in as little time that is available to you, whether it's ten minutes, half hour or even 2 hours and more(subscribe for as low as 2.97/mo.) SUBSCRIBE HERE.

     An entry process that simply revolves around organization while remaining focused on entering! This is how you win, not reading rules, or searching. Without reading rules or searching YOU may REACH speeds of up to 100 entries an hour. For 10 cents a day see for yourself how subscribing ORGANIZES your sweepstakes entry process like never before! Try it NOW FREE and ANONYMOUSLY, through the categories of sweepstakes on the left menu above! See how our lists differ! FREE has ONE LIMITATION, that the database of sweeps published throughout the site may be anywhere from a day, a couple days, to a week old, not to mention pages with advertising. Subscribing will provide you access to daily updated sweeps, new sweeps added, expired sweeps removed, all WITHOUT ADVERTISEMENTS. Subscribe through Paypal, again as little as 10 cents a day. Guaranteed (30 day money back guarantee) to be the most organized method of entering sweepstakes available on the Internet today!

subscriber RonC in an email wrote...
From: elias3013@xxxyyy.com
To: Ron Subject: Status update
Hi Ron
Just wanted to update you on my power sweep(stak)ing progress.
Before I ever signed on for the full power sweep(stak)ing, I did read everything on your site, all the tips and instructions and did download and used the (FREE) low power to enter some sweeps.
I must commend you on the excellent program you have setup and manage on a daily basis. I can now do in minutes what it use to take me hours to do. What a time saver.
You have certainly given me a time saver with your program and I appreciate it very much...
...Its excellent the way it is.
Thanks very much again, when I hit one of the big ones I'll buy you lunch, just let me know the location of your favorite restaurant.
Ron C

     Your sweepstakes entry rate will soar, and this is NOT an automated entry method, YOU will visit every sponsor's page and click submit while YOU enter all of your favorite sweepstakes in a much more organized manner then any other way available! Otherwise, you can continue to try to organize using sweepstakes lists from everywhere and anywhere, from groups and message boards you search, read the rules, then and only then enter. That could take all day, all while entering only 100 or so. With Powersweepstaking, members can enter one hundred in an hour! To read & understand more about the Powersweepstaking.com method of entering, visit THIS PAGE.

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