July 11, 2013 Dayton Daily News Feature story in Life Section (Click thumbnail to read the story)

Dayton Daily News July 11th, 2013 Feature story in Life Section


September 3, 2011 FEATURED IN THE TLC REALITY TV SHOW "HIGH STAKES SWEEPERS" Watch it for the first time or watch it again, here's the FULL SHOW!


August 2011, ABC's GMA (Good Morning America) & their 20/20 evening news show. Both clips are shown below.


speaks about me(Ron), in the 4th paragraph "..who will stop at nothing"


The Power of Sweepstaking; The Contest Queen interviews our own administrator Ron Miller (click to listen)


"YOU CAN'T WIN IF YOU DON'T ENTER" by Carolyn Wilman, The Contest Queen


While Assisting Site Users to Win @ Sweepstakes, PowerSweepstaking.com Administrator Wins a Stunning Pepsi/Dub Publishing $50,000 Car (click to see the car)


Great Contests at these sites:

June 4th list of Daily Entry Sweepstakes

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$ 2015-06-05 *New American Funding win a collection of Frigidaire Appliances! Winner will receive one (1) 2015 Frigidaire Professional Dishwasher, one (1) Frigidaire Professional Over-the-range Microwave, one (1) Frigidaire Professional French Door Bottom Mount Refrigerator, and delivery of all items. Installation not included. Approximate Retail Value (“ARV”) of the Prize: $4,697.



$ 2015-06-18 DIY win $50,000 Entrants using U.S. mail may enter as often as they wish. Limit one (1) per envelope. Entrants entering online are limited to one per eligible person, per day SNAIL MAIL BETTER ONLINE LIMITED



2015-06-15 3x ENTRIES DAILY, 1X TWITTER, 1X FACEBOOK & 1X PINTEREST SHARES Fall in #LoveAtFirstSwipe with Dove Advanced Care, Grand Prize (1): A 6-day/5-night trip for two (2) to Paris, France.



2015-06-04 – DeLorme inReach Adventure Prize Pack includes inReach Explorer Satellite Communicator with Built-in GPS Navigation (Retail Value: $379.95) inReach Protective Sleeve (Retail Value: $19.95) inReach RAM mount for vehicles/boats or ATVs/motorcycles/bikes — your choice! (Retail Value: $69.95) Goal Zero Switch 8 USB Charger to keep your inReach powered on the go! (Retail Value: $39.95) DeLorme Atlas & Gazetteer for a US State of your choice! (Retail Value: up to $24.95)



2015-06-05 – *Dave Lackie NEW EACH WEEK luxury giveaways, featuring bigger, better prizes! a gorgeous selection of luxury beauty products. This week: Summer in philosophy Giveaway



2015-06-05 giving away a Descendants prize pack, complete with a signed edition of the novel, branded swag, plus a gift card worth BIG bucks: -An autographed copy of The Isle of the Lost -A branded tank top, a water bottle and temporary tattoos -A GadgetGrip smartphone home button sticker -$100 Visa gift card



2015-06-07 One (1) Teen.com reader will win: -Logitech Bluetooth Multi-Device Keyboard K480 — $49.99 -Logitech bemo social video camera — $129.00 -Logitech Harmony Ultimate Home — $349.99 -Urban bag — $29.99 -Selfie stick — $7.89 -Lipstick — $5.99 -Touch-screen friendly gloves — $6.99 ARV: $579.84



2015-06-14 – BUSHNELL TOUR V3 RANGE FINDER ($299.00 Value)



2015-06-18 – Allyou.com, (1X DAILY ONLINE; UNLIMITED BY SNAIL MAIL) Five (5) First Prizes for a Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless Earbuds, each of which has an ARV of $199.99 (ARV: $999.95). Two (2) Second Prizes for an INTEX Challenger K2 Kayak, each of which has an ARV of $144.99 (ARV: $289.98). Nine (9) Third Prizes for The Polar Loop, each of which has an ARV of $109.95 (ARV: $989.55). Ten (10) Fourth Prizes for a PUR Prize Pack, each of which has an ARV of $104.97 (ARV: $1,049.70). The PUR Prize Pak includes; one (1) PUR Ultimate 11-Cup Pitcher, one(1) PUR Stainless Steel Faucet Mount (Vertical), one (1) 2-pack Pitcher Replacement Filter.



2015-06-05 Win A Marysol Caracas Tote Bag & Tampax Tampons | Gurl.com



2015-06-09 RadioFree.com Contests | Movie-A-Day DVD Giveaway: Thumbsucker



2015-06-10 RadioFree.com Contests | Movie-A-Day DVD Giveaway: Bernie



2015-06-12 Win A $50 Visa Gift Card And The Book The Descendants



2015-06-12 Zippo Dad Kicks Axe Sweepstakes win 1 of 10 of our Zippo 4-in-1 Woodsmen! ARV $79



2015-06-15 RadioFree.com Contests | Movie-A-Day DVD Giveaway: Ice Age



2015-06-19 Win Byrd Free Byrd Kit and Soap On A Rope | Gurl.com



2015-06-14 TWEET *Sleepopolis $1,800+ Amerisleep memory foam mattress and is ideal for almost any sleeper!



2015-06-15 TWEET Gold Macbook ($1299 value)



2015-06-05 TWEET $250 Anderson Seafood Gift Card



2015-06-05 TWEET FaZe Rain Birthday Giveaway 123 winners will each receive a random prize from the list!! (2) Xbox One Console (2) Play Station 4 Console (2) Wii U Console (2) Playstation Vita (3) Nintendo 3DS XL (4) Razer Blackwidow Tournament Edition Keyboard (2) Razer Taipan Gaming Mouse (1) Razer Manticor Mouse Pad (106) G FUEL Tub



2015-06-10 TWEET *Cynthia Ruchti win a $100 cash card



2015-06-10 TWEET *Pursebox win a Baggu Bucket Bag, valued at $175



2015-06-12 TWEET *Five Dollar Shake $200 Fandango Gift Card



2015-06-13 – TWEET Adventure Experience Detective win $500 Ca$h (via Paypal)



2015-06-14 TWEET Queen Jelz’s PS4 GIVEAWAY



2015-06-04 TWEET $400 Nordstrom Gift Card Giveaway – Mommies with Cents




2015-06-05 – TWEET WisconsinCheese Four lucky winners will receive seven types of aged Wisconsin cheddar, ranging from 1 year to the exclusive 20-year aged cheddar from Hook’s: 1, 3, 5, 7, 10, 15 and 20 years.




2015-06-06 TWEET California Pizza Kitchen $50 Gift Card




2015-06-10 Grand Prize: •Two (2) round-trip coach airfare tickets to Kansas City, Mo. (June 25 – 29, 2015). •Four (4) nights hotel accommodations. •Two (2) VIP tickets to the Kicker Country Stampede Music Festival in Manhattan, Kan. (June 25 – 28, 2015). •Backstage tour opportunity. •Meet-and-greet opportunity with a participating artist. •One (1) two hundred dollar ($200.00) car rental allowance.




2015-06-15 Trip for 4 to Orlando, Florida | Atlantic Luggage


P.S. This is just a sampling of today’s complete collection of sweepstakes that need to be entered TODAY! MORE ENTRIES = MORE WINS! Read how to get ”MORE” in the note at the top of this very post!


Welcome to Powersweepstaking.com,

     I was featured in the TLC sweepstakes reality TV show "High Stakes Sweepers", originally airing on Sept. 3rd, 2011 and since, has shown up on several Discovery Channel owned cable stations (i.e., Discovery Fitness) through 2014. TLC was attempting to succeed with another 'Found Money" series, such as their hot 'Extreme Couponing', alas it never did make it past the pilot episode. In an effort to promote the show, the week before it originally aired, I appeared on ABC's Good Morning America (see the clip here):

     Discovery Channel's press release refers to me(Ron) in the 4th paragraph here: http://press.discovery.com/us/tlc/programs/high-stakes-sweepers/. I also appeared on ABC's 20/20 news show as well (here's that clip):

     Join us as we talk about the show & sweepstakes entry strategies in our PowerSweepestaking community on Facebook, follow me on Twitter @sweepstaking or friend me on Facebook.


TLC'S REALITY TV SHOW "HIGH STAKES SWEEPERS" Watch it for the first time or watch it again, HERE'S THE FULL SHOW!

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Ron C

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